Saturday, May 30, 2015


Saturday 30th May
C-FFPH   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines          TOM2LM;37V/5YQ
C-GTSR   A330              Air Transat               TSC332/3
D-AIGP   A340              Lufthansa                 DLH9921      dep 1811
D-AIGV   A340              Lufthansa                 DLH9924  F/V arr 1540
EI-CFQ   B737-3            Mistral Air               MSA3663/4
ET-APY   B777              Ethiopian Airlines        ETH500
ET-ASI   B787              Ethiopian Airlines        ETH502
G-LCYT   EMB-190           BA Cityflyer              CFE9787
SP-TVZ   B737-8            Travel Service            TVS2178/9
D-CJET   Citation 525B     Air Hamburg               AHO902A      arr 2235
D-IKOE   Citation 510      Kopping Reederei GmbH     D-IKOE       (0905/1410)
G-FBKE   Citation 510      Blink Ltd                 BKK6E        arr 0945
G-KLNW   Citation 510      Saxonair                  SXN51D       (0940/1405)
G-PCOP   Beech 200         A.Bartlett & Sons         GMA983       (1120/1722)
G-THFC   EMB-135BJ         London Executive          LNX44TC      (1432/2355)
G-VIPI   BAe125            Castle Air Services       G-VIPI       dep 1918
N310TK   Gulfstream 550    Alltech                   ...          ...
N5000X   Gulfstream 5      Teratorn LLC              ...          ...
OE-FWF   Citation 510      GlobeAir                  GAC965P      arr 1719
S5-ICR   Citation 560XL    Ikar Aviation             S5-ICR       dep 1603
69       EMB-121 Xingu     French Navy               FNY5021      arr 1315

Lufthansa ferried another A340 in from Frankfurt for painting while it's sistership departed having had a Star Alliance livery applied.  
Mistral Air commenced a weekly charter service from Verona using B737 EI-CFQ.
This aircraft last visited with this registration in 1992 although it has also visited many times since in various guises including HB-IID of TEA Basel, G-OBWX of British World, G-STRB Astraeus, OO-TNG of TNT and OY-JTH of Jettime.  Cityflyer's E190 started a Saturday charter series to Mahon as the aircraft normally parks up for the day between it's London City services. 

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