Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Tuesday 19th May
EC-IDT   B737-8            Air Europa                AEA293/4
EC-LNC   B737-4            Alba Star                 LAV8522/928P
ET-ANR   B777              Ethiopian Airlines        ETH500      
ET-AOU   B787              Ethiopian Airlines        ETH502            F/V
G-GDFY   B737-8            Jet2                      EXS7WM/011P       F/V
G-LSAH   B757              Jet2                      EXS010P/517A
G-SMLA   BAe146            Jota Aviation             CFE95E/79K/94Q/36X
N351AX   B767              Omni Air                  EIN138
OO-TCQ   A320              Brussels Airlines         OO-TCQ       dep 1340
9A-BTE   Fokker 100        Trade Air                 (parked west apron)
CS-DXL   Citation 560XL    Net Jets                  NJE596Q/597P (1420/1555)
D-IEKU   Citation 525A     VHM Charterflug           D-IEKU       dep 0555
D-ILHB   Citation 525      Lufthansa Flight Training DLH9912  F/V arr 1840
D-IOHL   Citation 525A     ...                       D-IOHL       dep 0810
EI-WFI   Challenger 605    Westair                   EFF010       (1347/1605)
HB-VKW   BAe125            Sky Jet AG                HB-VKW       (1206/1315)
M-ABEU   Learjet 45        Ryanair                   RYR1         (1720/1821)
M-ATEX   Falcon 900EX      Maritime Investments      M-ATEX       (1745/1905)
M-GSIX   Gulfstream 650    D.O'Brien                 LCY6         arr 0037
M-LJGI   Falcon 7X         D.Desmond                 M-LJGI       d1015 a1705
N552PM   Gulfstream 550    WFBN Trustee              N552PM       dep 0735
N854SD   Gulfstream 4      JMTX Aviation             N854SD       arr 1710
N5000X   Gulfstream 5      Teratorn LLC              ...          ...
SE-RCM   Citation 560XL    European Flight Service   EUW9706      (1209/1715)

Jet2's 737 diverted in with a sick passenger while routing from Newcastle to Tenerife South.  A couple of hours later a company 757 positioned in from Leeds to to upload the stranded passengers and continue their journey to the Canary Island.  The former Thomas Cook A320 departed on delivery to Brussels Airlines (using it's registration as the call-sign).  Most of this morning's flights to London City Airport were cancelled and BA Cityflyer hired the Jota BAe146 to clear the backlog in the late afternoon. 

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