Monday, May 11, 2015


Monday 11th May
EC-LQJ   A320              Vueling Airlines          VLG8720/1    F/V
ET-ANN   B777-260LR        Ethiopian Airlines        ETH500       F/V 
ET-AQO   B737-860          Ethiopian Airlines        ETH9201      dep 1018
G-POWD   B767              Titan Airways             EIN138/2138
OO-TCQ   A320              Thomas Cook Belgium       TCW911T      dep 1039                                                        TCW911T      arr 1335
C-FHYL   Challenger 605    London Air Services Ltd.  C-FHYL   F/V arr 1515  
D-CAAA   Citation 560XL    DC Aviation               DCS701       dep 0611                                                           (arr 0630 dep 1012)
D-CAPO   Learjet 35A       Jet Executive Int'l       JEI414       (1405/1622)
G-FBKC   Citation 510      Blink Ltd                 BKK3C        arr 1537
N438E    Challenger 604    WTCT                      N438E        dep 1001
YU-SPC   Citation 560XL    Prince Aviation           PNC03    F/V arr 2230
9H-VCC   BD.100            VistaJet                  VJT425U  F/V arr 1655 

Ethiopian Airlines today commenced technical stops at Dublin on their westbound services from Addis Ababa to Washington (daily) and to Toronto (Tue/Thu/Sat).  These flights had previously used Rome-FCO for the stop-over and are scheduled to arrive at 0445 & 0450 respectively with re-fueling carried out on the west apron.  Ethiopian's new 737 departed this morning to Addis Ababa on the final leg of it's delivery flight from Boeing Field.
Thomas Cook Belgium's A320 (which is now painted in Brussels Airlines cls) departed for an air test in advance of delivery to it's new operator.
DC Aviation's Citation returned shortly after take off with a cabin pressure problem and following attention it departed almost four hours later.

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