Friday, May 8, 2015


Friday 8th May
D-ALCK   MD-11F            Lufthansa Cargo           GEC8320  F/V arr 1222
EC-KJD   A320              Vueling Airlines          VLG8720/1
G-POWD   B767              Titan Airways             EIN2139/139
N280AY   A330              American Airlines         AAL724/725
N357AA   B767              American Airlines         AAL92/93
CS-DRL   Hawker 800XP      Net Jets                  NJE983Y      dep 0857
CS-DRT   Hawker 800XP      Net Jets                  NJE909Q/243T (1100/1225)
CS-DXQ   Citation 560XL    Net Jets                  NJE354H/589T (0948/1248)
D-CAAA   Citation 560XL    DC Aviation               DCS701       arr 1930
G-IPAX   Citation 560XL    Air Charter Scotland      EDC099       (1555/....)
G-KALS   BD.100            Air Charter Scotland      EDC204       arr 1510
G-TBEA   Citation 525A     Centreline Air Charter    CLF609       arr 1240
G-VECT   Citation 560XL    Fly Vectra                VCG638       (2010/2043)
M-CELT   Falcon 7X         D.Desmond                 M-CELT       dep 1730
M-GSIX   Gulfstream 650    D.O'Brien                 LCY6         dep 0804
N143QS   BD.700-6000       NJI Sales                 N143QS       dep 1300
N438E    Challenger 604    WTCT                      ... 
N451CM   Gulfstream 450    L & L Leasing IV LLC      N451CM       dep 2109
N539CA   Falcon 900EX      Braxton Acquisitions      N539CA       (1430/1920)
N921WC   Gulfstream 550    Warner Chilcott           N921WC       dep 1433
N923WC   Gulfstream 650    Warner Chilcott           N923WC       dep 1425
9H-FAM   EMB-500           Luxwing                   ...
9H-VCF   BD.100            VistaJet                  VJT458M      dep 0848

American today resumed services to Chicago and also have taken over the former US Airways route to Charlotte. Titan's 767 positioned in from Stansted to operate the late afternoon Aer Lingus service to Boston.
Vueling's A320 visited previously (in 2007) when it was with Clickair.

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