Sunday, May 17, 2015


Sunday 17th May
EC-HQI   A320              Vueling Airlines          VLG8720
EC-LNC   B737-4            Alba Star                 LAV8518/9
ET-ANR   B777              Ethiopian Airlines        ETH500       F/V
JY-JAG   B767              Jordan Aviation           JAV7577/8    F/V
N290AY   A330              American Airlines         AAL724
N351AX   B767              Omni Air                  EIN139
OH-LKO   EMB-190           Finnair                   FIN1XT/7ET   F/V
CS-DKH   Gulfstream 550    Net Jets                  NJE768R      dep 2136
EI-LEO   Citation 750      Private Sky               ...          ...
EI-WFI   Challenger 605    Westair                   EFF010       (0200/0243)
M-GSIX   Gulfstream 650    D.O'Brien                 LCY6         dep 1750
N130QS   BD.700-5000       NJI Sales                 N130QS  F/V  arr 1615
N462MK   Gulfstream 550    Merck Sharp & Dohme       ...     F/V  arr 2000
N854SD   Gulfstream 4      JMTX Aviation             ...          ...
N876DG   BD.100            WFBN                      N876DG       dep 1150
N5000X   Gulfstream 5      Teratorn LLC              N5000X       arr 1252
9H-ALL   Citation 525A     Luxwing                   LWG101       dep 1610

Jordan Aviation's 767 operated a charter from Beirut with Irish troops returning from a tour of duty with the United Nations.  American's A330 arrived from Charlotte but subsequently went 'tech' and the return flight was cancelled.  It was later towed to the west apron for overnight parking. With the arrival of OH-LKO all of Finnair's current EMB190s have now visited.  

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