Saturday, November 22, 2014


Saturday 22nd November
D-ABBD    B737-8          Air Berlin             BER444X arr 1638      F/V
N777AS    B777            Mid East Jet           dep 0750
N844MH    B767-4          Delta Airlines         DAL411 (Skyteam cls)
VQ-BTD    B737-8          Aeroflot               AFL7617 arr 1552      F/V

C-GJCB   BD.700-5000      Chartright Air Inc     arr 1115 dep 2353     F/V
D-CZZZ   Citation 560XL   DC Aviation            ...
EI-LEO   Citation 750     Airlink Airways        HYR75X
EI-WFI   Challenger 605   Westair                EFF010 (1155/1409)
F-GPLK   Beech C90A       Jet Corporate SAS      arr 1612
N152FJ   Falcon 50        Victory Outreach       ...
N200MP   IAI.1126         MPT Development Svcs.  dep 0857
N650MP   IAI.1125         MPT Development Svcs.  dep 0908
N730LM   Falcon 900EX     Liberty Media LLC      dep 1310
OE-FXE   Citation 525A    Speedwings             ...
OE-FZE   Citation 510     GlobeAir               arr 1745

The Aeroflot 737 arrived from Boeing Field (via Keflavik)in an all white scheme and is due to be painted in Pobeda Air colours.  Air Berlin's 737 also arrived for painting by Eirtech.  Delta's 767 operated the inbound service from JFK but the return flight was cancelled due to an engine problem and it was towed to remote parking on the west apron. 

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