Saturday, November 8, 2014


Saturday 8th November
D-AIUD    A320            Lufthansa              DLH980/1              F/V
G-EUOG    A319            British Airways        BAW68WG               F/V
G-JMCL    B737F           Atlantic Airlines      NPT256H/257H
G-LCYL    EMB-190         BA Cityflyer           CFE77C
N396DC    B737-9          WFBN NA Trustee        (ex Spicejet VT-SPT)  F/N  
N791UA    B777            United Airlines        ...
OY-RUG    ATR-72          Danish Air Transport   opf Stobart Air
VP-BLY    A330            Aeroflot               AFL7692 arr 0722      F/V

CS-DXO    Citation 560XL  Net Jets               NJE.... dep 0749
D-CAAA    Citation 560XL  DC Aviation            ...
D-CNOC    Citation 560XL  Atlas Air Service      ATL108A arr 1225      F/V
G-CALL    PA-23 Aztec     J.D.Moon               arr 0940
G-CHUI    Citation 560XL  Air Charter Scotland   arr 1305 dep 1455
G-DEIA    Citation 560XL  Jaymax Jersey Ltd      ...
G-GZRP    PA-42 Cheyenne  Air medical            MCD053 (1618/1824)
G-LEGC    EMB-135BJ       London Executive       LNX81GC (1540/1659)
G-MEGN    Beech 200       Dragonfly Aviation     arr 0900 dep 1455
G-OCJZ    Citation 525A   Centreline Air Charter CLF204 (1350/1440)
G-SPUR    Citation 550    London Executive       LNX40PU (1110/1350)

The Aeroflot A330 arrived for painting by Eirtech.  The ex Spicejet 737 was noted this evening with US marks - it was registered to WFBN on October 24th.
Also noteworthy was the arrival of British Airways A319 G-EUOG (first visit) and consequently BA's fleet of A319s have all now visited Dublin.   

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