Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Wednesday 19th November
D-ABBG    B737-8          Air Berlin             BER369X arr 0730      F/V
D-AIQM    A320            Germanwings            GWI396/7
G-JMCL    B737F           Atlantic Airlines      NPT272H/273H
N223NV    A320            Allegiant Air          dep 1255
N841MH    B767-4          Delta Airlines         DAL411/91
OY-RUG    ATR-72          Danish Air Transport   opf Stobart Air
OY-SRM    B767F           Star Air               GEC8315
TC-FBH    A320            Freebird Airlines      FHY601/2

C-GDPG   BD.700-5000      IMP Group              dep 1847
C-GWLL   Challenger 604   IMP Group              dep 1855
CS-DRW   Hawker 800XP     Net Jets               NJE678F dep 0817
CS-DRX   Hawker 800XP     Net Jets               NJE257U/462G (1940/2055)
CS-DXK   Citation 560XL   Net Jets               NJE961T/....(0830/0930)
D-CRAN   Learjet 60       Aero Dienst            ADN53F (1012/1302)
EI-FAB   EC.120B          Executive Helicopters  arr 1335 dep 1408
M-SAIR   Falcon 900EX     WA Developments        arr 1815
N77CP    Gulfstream 5     Peak Enterprises       arr 2020              F/V
N193LA   BD.700-6000      L A W Aviation LLC     arr 1123 dep 1530
N421QS   Gulfstream 450   NJI Sales              arr 2135
N425QS   Gulfstream 450   NJI Sales              ...
N450EE   Gulfstream 450   Idaho Associates       ...
N450QS   Gulfstream 450   NJI Sales              arr 0455
N455DX   Falcon 2000      Suntrust Equipment     dep 1810
N455QS   Gulfstream 450   NJI Sales              arr 2225
N461QS   Gulfstream 450   NJI Sales              dep 1635
N607CV   Gulfstream 550   Covidien Flight Dept.  ...
OE-FFB   Citation 510     GlobeAir               GAC512R dep 0438

The Air Berlin 737 arrived from Munich in an all white scheme and has gone straight into Eirtech's painting hangar.  Allegiant Air's A320 departed west to KPSM (Portsmouth,NH) on the first leg of it's delivery flight. Also noteworthy was the Germanwings A320, making a first visit since it was transferred from parent company Lufthansa.

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