Friday, November 14, 2014


Friday 14th November
D-AIGZ    A340            Lufthansa              DLH9922 arr 1035      F/V
EC-HTB    A320            Allegiant Air          IBE0034 arr 1439
G-EUYY    A320            British Airways        BAW68WG/829           F/V
G-GDFL    B737-3          Jet2                   EXS6143
G-GDFW    B737-8          Jet2                   EXS6137
G-JMCL    B737F           Atlantic Airlines      NPT266H/267H
N835MH    B767-4          Delta Airlines         DAL411/91
OY-RUG    ATR-72          Danish Air Transport   opf Stobart Air
VP-BLY    A330            Aeroflot               AFL7693 dep 1950

CS-GLB    BD.700-6000     Net Jets               arr 1800
D-AFPR    Falcon 7X       DC Aviation            arr 2035 dep 2325     F/V
D-CAHO    Citation 560XL  Air Hamburg            arr 1930              F/V
D-CNNN    Citation 560XL  DC Aviation            arr 1915
D-IAAC    Cessna 441      CCF Manager Airlines   CCF646 (1120/1227)
D-IMAX    Citation 525A   Sylt Air               AWU... arr 1835
G-IMED    Citation 550    A.Walsh                dep 1200 to Weston
G-SOUL    Cessna 310      RVL Aviation           REV73A/B
G-SPRE    Citation 550    Xclusive Jet Charter   arr 1510
G-THFC    EMB-135BJ       London Executive       LNX46TC (0345/0510)
M-CELT    Falcon 7X       D.Desmond              arr 0005 dep 1755 arr 2325
M-GSIX    Gulfstream 650  D.O'Brien              dep 1410 arr 2330
M-SAIR    Falcon 900      WA Developments        arr 1940
OO-MLG    Citation 560XL  Abelag Aviation        dep 1900
S5-FUN    BD.100          Elit'Avia              dep 1650
YU-SPB    Citation 560XL  Prince Aviation        arr 1555 dep 1705     F/V
9H-VCB    BD.100          VistaJet               VJT412K arr 1845

Aeroflot's A330 is due to depart after a repaint and the Lufthansa A340 arrived for painting into an overall white scheme. Citation G-IMED which has been parked in LAP Bravo since late March departed to Weston where it will now be based. Another ex Iberia A320 arrived from Madrid for pre-delivery work and is already painted in full Allegiant Air colours  

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