Sunday, November 16, 2014


Sunday 16th November
D-AIGZ    A340            Lufthansa              DLH9925 dep 1830 
G-EUUY    A320            British Airways        BAW830/845            F/V
G-FDZY    B737-8          Thomson Airways        TOM18K/2JT
G-JMCL    B737F           Atlantic Airlines      NPT249H
G-POWH    B757            Titan Airways          AWC641
HB-IPT    A319            Swiss                  SWR42H/44M
N777AS    B777            Mid East Jet           arr 1545
TF-ISD    B757            Icelandair             ICE1510/1

D-CAHO    Citation 560XL  Air Hamburg            dep 0830
D-CNNN    Citation 560XL  DC Aviation            ...
D-IMAX    Citation 525A   Sylt Air               AWU916 dep 1850
EI-WFI    Challenger 605  Westair                EFF010 dep 1300
G-LEAI    Citation 510    London Executive       arr 0910
G-MEGN    Beech 200       Dragonfly Aviation     arr 1803 dep 1914
M-CELT    Falcon 7X       D.Desmond              arr 1753
M-GSIX    Gulfstream 650  D.O'Brien              dep 1040  
LX-INS    Citation 560XL  Luxaviation            LXA1A (1400/1504)
N450EE    Gulfstream 450  Idaho Associates       ...
N605CH    Gulfstream 550  JP Morgan Chase Bank   dep 0840
N607CH    Gulfstream 550  JP Morgan Chase Bank   dep 0830
N3337J    BD.100          Wilmington Trust Co    arr 1019 dep 1128     F/V
OK-FTR    Citation 510    CTR Group              arr 0950 dep 1200     F/V

Following it's visit to the paint hangar the Lufthansa A340 is now white overall with titles removed and a German flag on the tail.  Mid East Jet's 777 arrived this afternoon from Shannon for a touch up on it's paintwork.  

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