Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Wednesday, 28th February

CS-LTB   Citation 680A     NetJets Europe          NJE382Y/009R      1217/1452
D-AEAQ   A300F             EAT leipzig             BCS832             arr 2007
ET-AOQ   B787-8            Ethiopian Airlines      ETH504             dep 2017
M-ABGV   Learjet 45        Ryanair                 M-ABGV            1811/2035
M-YSIX   Gulfstream 650ER  D.O'Brien               M-YSIX             arr 1712
9H-VCB   BD.100            VistaJet                VJT453             dep 1415
9H-VCJ   BD.100            VistaJet                VJT492            1231/1512

There was major disruption today due to heavy overnight snowfalls and poor visibility.  Scores of inbound flights diverted to a variety of airports in Ireland & the UK.  United's B777 service from Newark diverted to Brussels while a Scandinavian B737 spent an hour holding before heading all the way back to Oslo.  Ethiopian's service to Los Angeles diverted to Shannon in the early morning and only arrived back late in the afternoon.  It subsequently departed to Los Angeles almost 13 hours behind schedule.  Qatar's flight to Doha was eventually cancelled after several attempts to depart, as each time it suffered long delay during taxi out to the runway and had to return to stand for further de-icing.  The inclement weather continued throughout the day leading to severe congestion on the apron and some aircraft had to wait a couple hours for a parking stand. And, there's more snow due tomorrow!

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