Friday, February 16, 2018


Friday, 16th February

CS-TFM   B777              EuroAtlantic Airways    MMX709             arr 1839
EI-GDZ   B737-800          Ryanair                 RYR800Z        arr 2040 F/V
G-CDEB   Saab 2000         Eastern Airways         EZE9715/053P               
G-WIRG   EMB-135BJ         Air Charter Scotland    EDC299/460                 
PH-CTH   Falcon 2000LX     Flying Group            FYG82V/83V              F/V
TF-CAT   A321              WOW Air                 WOW852/853              F/V
UR-GOA   B777              Ukraine International   AUI1912            dep 1444
5N-BVE   B777              Air Peace               (rolled out after painting)
9H-ILI   CRJ-200           VistaJet                VJT617                     

It was a good day for non standard 777 movements.  Ukraine's 777 departed on delivery to Kiev this afternoon while the EuroAtlantic example was ferried in from Lisbon for painting.  Eastern's Saab arrived from Cardiff with the Scarlets rugby team for their game with Leinster tomorrow.  The aircraft is now all white, it had previously been in full British Airways colours as it operated exclusively on the London City-IOM route. Finally, another new Ryanair 737 arrived on delivery from Boeing Field tonight.

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