Saturday, February 24, 2018


Saturday, 24th February

CS-TFM   B777              EuroAtlantic            MMZ709             dep 2043
CS-TFQ   Learjet 45        Air Jet Sul             AJU451             arr 0936
EI-FAU   ATR-72            Stobart Air             STK2DS/1SD     (in service)
EI-FJW   B737-8            Norwegian               IBK8923            dep 0701
EI-FPG   CRJ-900           SAS                     SAS535/536              F/V
G-FXKR   Beech 400XP       Flairjet                FLJ51              dep 1134
M-WATJ   Beech 200GT       MWATJ LP Inc            AAD224A            arr 1128
N150QS   BD.700            TVPX ARS Inc Trustee    N150QS             dep 1610
15002    A310              Canadian Air Force      CFC4118            arr 1840

Stobart' s ATR72 returned to service after several months undergoing repairs to damage sustained in a mishap with a tug while under tow. 
The Canadian A310 arrived for painting and EuroAtlantic's 777 departed home to Lisbon tonight after it's visit to the paint hangar.

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