Friday, September 30, 2016


                           Friday 30th September         
C-FFPH   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines         opf Thomson              
EC-MID   BAe146            ASL Airlines Spain       TAY1490                  
EI-FRZ   B737-8            Ryanair                  RYR52TB/33RT (in service)
EI-XLG   B747-4            Rossiya                  r/o after painting
F-HBXO   EMB-170           HOP!                     op AFR616D/1617          
G-JMCL   B737F             Atlantic Airlines        NPT204H/205H             
SP-ENQ   B737-8            Enter Air                ENT301/2    F/V          

D-CGEP   IAI.1125 Astra    Windrose Air             QGA81GC         dep  1741
D-IJET   P.180 Avanti      AirGo Flugservice        XGO5DW/5NX  F/V 0858/1200
EI-LEO   Citation 750      Private Sky              HYR75X          1520/1559
G-GMAA   Learjet 45        Gama Aviation            GMA618          1116/1712
G-ZAZU   DA42 Twin Star    NAL Jets                 APX4CP          dep  0920
HB-JSM   Falcon 7X         Jet Aviation             HB-JSM          dep  0949
HB-VKW   BAe125            Sky Jet AG               HB-VKW          arr  1956
M-DMBP   Learjet 40        Ven Air                  M-DMBP        d1117 a1340
M-KELY   EMB-500           Kelly Air                M-KELY          arr  1830
M-LJGI   Falcon 7X         Ven Air                  M-LJGI          dep  1454
N416RJ   Gulfstream 5      WFBN NA Trustee          EDG4            dep  1724
N700RH   Citation 750      Rite Hite Holding Corp   ...             .... ....

The Rossiya 747 was rolled out after painting and towed to remote parking on the west apron (it's sistership EI-XLC is still parked on the north apron).  
Enter Air's 737 visited in the early hours to collect the Maccabi Tel Aviv team after their Europa League match with Dundalk last night.  
Ryanair's new 737 entered service this afternoon on flight FR122 to Gatwick.

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