Sunday, September 18, 2016


                           Sunday 18th September         
C-FFPH   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines         opf Thomson              
ET-ALJ   B767              Ethiopian Airlines       ETH8508         0223/0405
N722FD   A300F             Federal Express          FDX5220     F/V          
OM-EEX   B737-4            Air Explore              op BMS2955/6             

CS-DRL   Hawker 800XP      Net Jets Europe          NJE272Q/653M    1342/1457
CS-DRN   Hawker 800XP      Net Jets Europe          NJE801R         arr  1902
CS-DRX   Hawker 800XP      Net Jets Europe          NJE666B         dep  1042
D-CAAA   Citation 560XL    DC Aviation              ...             .... ....
D-CNOC   Citation 560XL    Atlas Air Service        ATL118          dep  1404
EI-LEO   Citation 750      Private Sky              HYR75X          arr  1826
G-CMTO   Citation 525M2    Catreus                  CVG579          arr  1430
N117MS   Global 5000       Star Flight LLC          N117MS          dep  1012
N213GS   Challenger 605    Gamestop Inc             TWY213          arr  2139
N404PX   Gulfstream 450    PXP Aircraft LLC         N404PX          dep  1038
N416RJ   Gulfstream 5      WFBN NA Trustee          ...             .... ....
N770KS   Gulfstream 4      Gulfstream Ventures      EDG7        F/V arr  1814
N9771C   Challenger 601    CIT Group Financing      N9771C          arr  2358

Ethiopian's 767 was on a fuel stop while routing from Addis Ababa to Newark with a Government delegation.  The Fedex A300 was ferried from Memphis to Paris last Thursday and has not been used before on European operations. 
It's sistership N721FD routed home to Memphis from Paris on Saturday. 

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