Sunday, September 11, 2016


                           Sunday 11th September         
C-FWGH   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines         opf Thomson              
EI-XLC   B747-4            Rossiya Airlines         r/o after painting       
EI-XLG   B747-4            SB Leasing               EI-XLG      F/V arr  0215
G-JMCL   B737F             Atlantic Airlines        NPT276H/277H             
OE-IBZ   B737F             TNT Airways              TAY1490         dep  0843
TF-GPA   A321              WOW Air                  WOW852/3    F/V          
UR-CKC   AN-74             Cavok Air                CVK7078         dep  1015
UR-PSC   B737-8            Ukraine International    op FIA710                


A6-CJE   A319-115CJ        UAE Government           UAE2649/2027    0440/0712
A7-CGC   Gulfstream 650    Qatar Executive          ...             .... ....
CS-DLB   Falcon 2000EX     Net Jets Europe          NJE827C/933H    1820/1940
D-CNNN   Citation 560XL    DC Aviation              ...             .... ....
G-LSCW   Gulfstream 550    Gama Aviation            GMA349          dep  1904
HB-VKW   BAe125            Sky Jet AG               ...             .... ....
LY-LTA   Hawker 800XP      Charter Jets             LTC601      F/V arr  1416
M-WMWM   Citation 525A     Standard Aviation Ltd    M-WMWM          dep  1925
M-YSIX   Gulfstream 650ER  D.O'Brien                M-YSIX          0935/1638
OE-FZB   Citation 510      Globe Air                GAC581I/581A    1710/1835
9H-VJU   BD.700            VistaJet                 VJT974          arr  1910

The former Transaero 747 arrived from San Bernadino,CA this morning to be painted for Rossiya Airlines.  Meanwhile, sistership EI-XLC was moved after painting into Hangar 6 for some pre-delivery work.  It's been a long time since two Irish-registered Jumbos were on the deck together at Dublin.   

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