Friday, August 26, 2016


                           Friday 26th August          
A7-AFM   A330              Qatar Airways            r/o in Eurowings cls     
C-FFPH   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines         opf Thomson              
EI-FSL   ATR-72            Stobart Air              STK200M     F/V arr  1855
EI-XLC   B747-4            SB Leasing Ireland       EI-XLC      F/V arr  0654
G-RJXC   EMB-145           BMI Regional             BMR8982/9452             
N396AX   B767              Omni Air                 EIN109          dep  0120

CS-DKE   Gulfstream 550    Net Jets Europe          NJE583U         arr  2035
CS-DUF   Hawker 750        Net Jets Europe          NJE345B         dep  1217
D-CEFE   Citation 525C     E-Aviation               ...             .... ....
EI-LEO   Citation 750      Private Sky              HYR75X          1811/1832
F-RADC   A310              French Air Force         CTM1102         dep  1050
G-GLEG   EMB-135BJ         London Executive         LNX86EG         2222/2328
M-LJGI   Falcon 7X         Ven Air                  M-LJGI          dep  1602
M-YSIX   Gulfstream 650ER  D.O'Brien                M-YSIX          arr  0020
N310TK   Gulfstream 550    Alltech                  N310TK          arr  0705
N312BL   Eclipse EA500     BSL Aviation LLC         N312BL      F/V arr  1515
N995ML   BD.700            WFBN NA Trustee          N995ML          dep  1309
N988MM   Citation 525B     Nordic Aviation Capital  N988MM          1417/1522
9H-VCJ   BD.100            VistaJet                 VJT492          dep  0934

The former Transaero 747 arrived from Melbourne, Florida where it had been in storage for over a year and is to be painted in Rossiya colours. 
The French Air Force A310 was visiting on a training detail (it had arrived yesterday afternoon from Shannon) and departed to Edinburgh for a practice approach before heading back to Paris.  Stobart's latest ATR72 arrived on delivery from Toulouse this evening and is in an all white livery.
Finally, the Qatari A330 was rolled out this evening in Eurowings colours. 

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