Monday, August 15, 2016


                           Monday 15th August          
C-FWGH   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines         opf Thomson              
EI-FJI   B737-8            Norwegian                IBK494/5        F/V      
G-CIVV   B747-4            British Airways          BAW11J/174   (diversion) 
N804NW   A330              Delta Airlines           DAL176/177               
N806NW   A330              Delta Airlines           DAL161       (diversion) 
N823NW   A330              Delta Airlines           DAL9930/45               
N852NW   A330              Delta Airlines           DAL44/9928               
SX-DGL   A320              Aegean Airlines          AEE646/7        F/V      

57+04    Dornier 228       German Navy              GNY4975         arr  1405
EI-LEO   Citation 750      Private Sky              HYR75X          dep  0730
CS-DKI   Gulfstream 550    Net Jets Europe          NJE276F/495B    1415/1515
D-CTWO   Learjet 35A       Air Alliance             AYY108          1500/1705
EI-WFI   Challenger 605    Westair                  EFF010          arr  1305
G-LEAA   Citation 510      London Executve          LNX51AA         1040/1625
G-LEGC   EMB-135BJ         London Executive         LNX36GC         dep  2256
M-DMBP   Learjet 40        Ven Air                  M-DMBP          dep  1610
OE-GES   Citation 560XL    Jet 24                   OE-GES          1345/1620
OK-EAS   Beech 400XT       Time Air                 TIE299Y         arr  1357
VT-KJB   Global 5000       Bajaj Auto Ltd           VY-KJB          dep  1756

The Speedbird 747 arrived this morning because the crew had run out of duty hours. It had earlier diverted into St.Johns with a medical emergency while en route New York-JFK to London.  A replacement crew was ferried in from Heathrow and it departed in the mid-afternoon.  Four Delta A330s visited today with flight DAL161 (from Amsterdam to Minneapolis) diverting with a medical emergency.  Sunday's JFK service had been cancelled so an extra sector was operated today (DAL9930) as well as the regular DAL44 & DAL176.
The German Navy Dornier arrived from a low level sortie off the west coast and it wears large "Pollution Control" titles on the fuselage.     

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