Sunday, August 7, 2016


                           Sunday 7th August          
C-FEAK   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines         TOM2PJ          dep  0725
C-FWGH   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines         TOM6MX/3AT      F/V      
CS-TFX   A340-5            HiFly                    op IBK494/5     F/V      
EC-JDM   A321              Iberia Express           IBS3792/3                
G-PRPE   DHC-8-402         FlyBe                    BEE65FD/5291    F/V      
I-ADJT   EMB-195           Air Dolomiti             DLA5010/8500             
LY-DAT   ATR-42            Danu Oro Transportas     BCI004P         dep  1650 N69063   B767-4            United Airlines          UAL130/1                 
OE-LND   A319              Niki                     NLY2764/312K    F/V      

CS-DLH   Falcon 2000EX     Net Jets Europe          NJE088E         arr  1149
F-HAJD   Citation 525      Luxmarine S.A.           SVK192          1033/1209
G-FLYW   Beech 200         FlyWales                 PYN01           0900/1113
G-KLNW   Citation 510      Saxonair                 SXN51D          1213/1850
N222LX   Gulfstream 5      Trans Exec Air Service   ...             .... ....
N488CH   BD.700            GC Air LLC               ...             .... ....
N608CL   Gulfstream 4      Cassandra Lee Flt Ops.   ...             .... ....
N650EW   Gulfstream 650ER  EWA West LLC             ...             .... ....
VP-CBF   Global 5000       Europ Star Aircraft      VP-CBF          arr  1405
VP-CUP   Challenger 604    604 Air Inc              ...             .... ....
9H-ALL   Citation 525A     Luxwing                  LWG191          dep  1026
05-0730  C-40C (BBJ)       US Air Force             Spar 17         dep  1156

HiFly's A340 operated Norwegian's afternoon service from Helsinki. 
The A340 series 500 are a relatively rare type and this was the first occasion that one has operated a scheduled service to Dublin.  
Sunwing swopped their 737s around during the lay-over at Faro and the 'new' Dublin-based aircraft had been operating from Birmingham & East Midlands since the start of the summer season.  United used a 767-400 on their second flight of the day from Newark.  Finally, the Danu Oro ATR42 has now completed it's short term lease to Stobart Air and it departed to Guernsey using a Blue Islands trip number.

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