Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Wednesday 12th August
A7-AFP   A330              Qatar Airways             r/o (Eurowings cls)
C-FEAK   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines          TOM85J/9GV/4AV
EC-MFS   B737-4            Alba Star                 LAV8860/1
EI-DSJ   A320              Alitalia/Air Berlin       AZA8920/1      1318/1527
G-LGNN   Saab 340          Loganair                  BEE9TP/3MV
OM-CEX   B737-4            AirExplore                opf Ryanair
9A-CTJ   A320              Croatia Airlines          CTN3500

CS-DLB   Falcon 2000EX     Net Jets                  NJE736Y        dep 1207
M-ABEU   Learjet 45        Ryanair                   RYR1           0623/0705
M-EVAN   BD.100            M.Evans                   M-EVAN         dep 1002
N30GD    Gulfstream 4      Advanced Air Management   N30GD          arr 2008
N66SG    Learjet 45        North Coast Aviation      ...            ...
N175DP   BD.100            JPH Enterprises LLC       ...            ...
N401QS   Gulfstream 4      NJI Sales                 N401QS         arr 1306
N618WF   BD.700            N618WF Inc                ...            ...
OO-CIV   Citation 525A     Air Service Liege         OO-CIV         arr 1835
YU-BUU   Citation 525A     Air Pink                  YU-BUU         arr 1615

The Qatar A330 was rolled out tonight after painting in Eurowings new livery and is due to depart to Doha ahead of delivery to the German carrier.  
Alitalia's A320 (which was recently painted here in Air Berlin colours) arrived from Rome for completion of paperwork ahead of it's change of ownership.  It subsequently departed to Munich.

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