Monday, August 3, 2015


Monday 3rd August
C-FFPH   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines          TOM29G/7TM/72K
D-AIUO   A320              Germanwings               GWI62E/37L           F/V
D-AMGL   BAe146            WDL                       CFE77C/73L/41M
EI-DSJ   A320              Alitalia (Air Berlin)     AZA8940        dep 1722
ET-AOO   B787              Ethiopian Airlines        ETH505         0215/0352
LY-SPF   A320              Small Planet Airlines     LY-SPF         dep 2050
OM-CEX   B737-4            AirExplore                opf Ryanair

CS-DUC   Hawker 750        Net Jets                  NJE083N        arr 1640
G-LEAA   Citation 510      London Executive          LNX89AA        0850/1018                                                                     1510/1555
G-OCJZ   Citation525A      Centreline Air Charter    CLF877         1010/1105
N143QS   BD.700            NJI Sales                 N143QS         arr 0805
N877H    Challenger 604    Challenger 5445 LLC       N877H          arr 0610
N900MV   Falcon 900EX      Red Line Air              ...            ...

The Germanwings A320 was making a first visit and it was only recently painted at Shannon following transfer from parent company Lufthansa. 

Alitalia's A320 departed back to Rome after painting in Air Berlin colours.

Small Planet's A320 left for Vilnius this evening having arrived on July 22nd last as EI-FKG.  It was noted wearing Lithuanian marks on 30/07 and also received a new tail logo during pre-delivery checks with Dublin Aerospace.    

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