Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Tuesday 11th August
C-FEAK   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines          TOM9HE/2AK/9AG/83D/17P
C-GMWJ   B737-7            Westjet                   WJA4116/17
EC-LQX   B737-8            Air Europa                AEA293/294
ET-AOS   B787              Ethiopian Airlines        ETH505
G-LGNR   Saab 2000         Loganair                  LOG815F        dep 1745
G-RAJJ   BAe146            Cello Aviation            BEE9FB/87L
N342AN   B767              American                  AAL290/291
OM-CEX   B737-4            AirExplore                opf Ryanair
OO-DWE   BAe146            Brussels Airlines         BEL9901        arr 1518

CS-DLB   Falcon 2000EX     Net Jets                  NJE247T        arr 1521
D-CDDD   Citation 560XL    DC Aviation               DCS713         0815/1903
M-ABEU   Learjet 45        Ryanair                   RYR1 0600/0745/1245/1341
M-CELT   Falcon 7X         D.Desmond                 M-CELT         dep 0846
M-EVAN   BD.100            M.Evans                   M-EVAN         arr 2350
N9TJ     BD.700            Cardinal Associates LLC   N9TJ       F/V 1105/1451
N66SG    Learjet 45        North Coast Aviation      N66SG          arr 1350
N175DP   BD.100            JPH Enterprises LLC       ...            ...
N304CC   BD.700            Advanced Air Management   N304CC         2054/2158
N618WF   BD.700            N618WF Inc                N618WF         arr 2215
N999AA   Gulfstream 4      Ascend Perform.Materials  EJM41          dep 0948
9H-VTA   Global 5000       VistaJet                  VJT738Y    F/V 1640/1825

The Brussels 146 arrived for painting while Cello's 146 was subbing for Flybe on their late-evening Cardiff service.  American used a B767 today instead of the scheduled B757 on the New York-JFK service.  I've listed the Westjet because it arrived from Halifax (hence the different trip number) but it departed as normal to St.Johns.  Loganair's Saab departed this afternoon having arrived on Flybe's service from Inverness at lunchtime yesterday.

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