Saturday, July 25, 2015


Saturday 25th July
C-FEAK   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines          TOM2LM/37V/5YQ/87E
EI-DSJ   A320              Alitalia                  AZA8849        arr 1903
EI-EWR   A330              Aer Lingus                EIN610         dep 1855
OH-BLQ   B717              Blue 1                    SAS2537/8
OK-TVV   B737-8            Smartwings                TVS2178/9      F/V 
OM-CEX   B737-4            AirExplore                opf Ryanair
OM-GTB   B737-4            Go2Sky                    MSA3663/4
VP-BTN   A319              S7 Airlines               SBI887/8

D-CWAY   Learjet 55        MHS Aviation              D-CWAY         arr 2355
EI-WFI   Challenger 605    Westair                   EFF010         2055/2135
N33LR    Gulfstream 4      Beauty Central LLC        N33LR          dep 1011
N513DL   Challenger 604    Gemini Acquisitions       N513DL     F/V arr 1320
N730LM   Falcon 900EX      Liberty Media             ...            ...
N847RC   Gulfstream 450    RAC Transcorp LLC         N847RC     F/V arr 1331
N895EE   EMB-550           Embraer Executive         N895EE         dep 0832
S5-FUN   BD.100            Elit'Avia                 EAV81N         dep 1154

Aer Lingus used an A330 on the late evening service to Amsterdam to collect passengers from flights that had been cancelled due to the severe weather conditions that prevailed there earlier in the day.  The Alitalia A320 arrived from Rome (still in full colours) and went straight into the paint hangar - possibly another one for Congo Airways.  S7 Airlines's weekly Moscow flight was tonight operated by an A319 in One World livery - pity that it arrives so late.     

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