Thursday, July 9, 2015


Thursday 9th July
C-FEAK   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines          TOM4EG/2AK/2WP/464
D-AZMO   A300F             EAT Leipzig               BCS301/2891          F/V
EI-FIR   B737-8            Ryanair                   RYR72H/38PA
F-GZTG   B737-7            Europe Airpost            FPO901R              F/V
G-JMCL   B737F             Atlantic Airlines         NPT259H/260H
G-MAJY   Jetstream 41      Eastern Airways           EZE9057/8
N272AY   A330              American Airlines         AAL728         0805/0942
OK-TVT   B737-8            Travel Service            TVS4410/1
OO-VLF   FK-50             VLM                       VLM980F   d1710 a1800

CS-DKD   Gulfstream 550    Net Jets                  NJE317Q         arr 2035
CS-DXZ   Citation 560XL    Net Jets                  NJE475N/561H   1000/1455
G-JAJK   PA-31 Navajo      Woodgate Executive        CWY3            dep 0800
M-ABEU   Learjet 45        Ryanair                   RYR1            arr 2325
M-ABGV   Learjet 45        Ryanair                   RYR2   dep 0635 arr 1835
M-CELT   Falcon 7X         D.Desmond                 M-CELT          arr 0215
M-DMBP   Learjet 40        Ven Air                   ...             ...
M-GSIX   Gulfstream 650    D.O'Brien                 LCY6           0005/1920
N427GW   Falcon 2000       Weiss Special Operations  EJM427          dep 1017
N462MK   Gulfstream 550    Merck Sharp & Dohme       N462MK          dep 1810
9H-AHA   B737-5            Air X Charter             9H-AHA          arr 0035

Europe Airpost launched a new (weekly) service from Paris-CDG via Dublin to Halifax, Nova Scotia using a B737-700.  The American A330 diverted due to a medical emergency while en route from Philadelphia to Heathrow. 

Ryanair's newest 737 returned this afternoon from Bologna.  It had arrived on delivery from Boeing Field last Friday and positioned out to Bologna on Saturday morning to operate from there. It has since departed to Las Palmas. 

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