Friday, July 17, 2015


Friday 17th July
C-FEAK   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines          TOM464/4LB/1KJ/8EB
C-GITS   A330              Air Transat               TSC315         arr 1640
D-CBIN   SA.227            BinAir                    BID2A          arr 1235
D-CNAC   SA.227            BinAir                    BID12A         arr 1625
EC-LTG   B737-4            Alba Star                 LAV934P/8717
EI-SEV   B737-7            Ryanair                   RYR69          F/V
ET-AOO   B787-8            Ethiopian Airlines        ETH505
G-CELA   B737-3            Jet2                      EXS052H/053K   dep 2245
G-JMCL   B737F             Atlantic Airlines         NPT222H/223H
LX-LGW   EMB-145           Luxair                    LGL7985/6
OK-TVM   B737-8            Travel Service            TVS485P/4858
OM-CEX   B737-4            AirExplore                opf Ryanair
SX-BHT   A321              Air Moldova               MLD831/2       F/V

CS-DFF   Falcon 2000       Net Jets                  NJE812F        dep 1040
CS-DRV   Hawker 800XP      Net Jets                  NJE857R        dep 0820
CS-DXO   Citation 560XL    Net Jets                  NJE291K/675P   1435/1555
D-BFFB   Falcon 2000EX     ACM Air Charter           BVR2FB         dep 1223
D-CEFE   Citation 525C     Eisele Flugdienst         EFD444         0926/1058
F-GOPM   Falcon 20         Aerovision                AOV062         1130/1455
G-OCJZ   Citation 525A     Centreline Air Charter    CLF836         dep 1054
G-XJET   Learjet 45        Gama Aviation             GMA150B        1726/1940
N63WR    Learjet 75        Four SS LLC               N63WR    F/V   arr 1320
N150LR   BAe125-1000       Mike Post Prosuctions Inc N150LR   F/V   arr 1140
N550AL   Gulfstream 550    Abbott Laboratories       N550AL         0355/0450
N524AG   Gulfstream 5      WFBN NA Trustee           N524AG         dep 0812

The Air Transat A330 made an emergency diversion due to a burning smell in the cabin.  It was routing from Rome to Toronto and had already coasted out over Donegal when it turned back and thankfully it landed without incident.
Ryanair's recently acquired 737-700 arrived from East Midlands this evening on it's first visit. Wonder if they'll use it at the Bray Airshow on Sunday?
Air Moldova's service from Chisinau was operated by an A321 leased from Hermes Airlines (it wears Air Moldova titles & tail logos).  Jet2's 737 went for an air test after maintenance and later departed to Leeds Bradford.

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