Friday, April 10, 2015


Friday 10th April
D-AGWX   A319              Germanwings               GWI62E/37L        F/V
EC-KHN   A320              Vueling Airlines          VLG8720 arr 0008
EI-LNH   B787-8            Norwegian                 NAX8A arr 1616    F/V
ER-AXP   A320              Air Moldova               MLD831
G-ECOM   DHC-8-402         Flybe                     BEE6QG/494A (BHD div.)
G-FDZA   B737-8            Thomson Airways           TOM408/9
G-POWD   B767              Titan Airways             EIN2139/139
LY-VEL   A320              Avion Express             VLG8720/1
TC-JYM   B737-9            Turkish Airlines          THY2RP/5HR        F/V
C-GFLU   Challenger 604    Chartright Air            ...
CS-DKD   Gulfstream 550    Net Jets                  NJE574T arr 1955
CS-DXO   Citation 560XL    Net Jets                  NJE799M arr 1157 
EC-HYI   Falcon 2000       Executive Airlines SA     ...
EI-LEO   Citation 750      Private Sky               HYR75X arr 1012
N650GA   Gulfstream 650ER  Gulfstream Aerospace      arr 0019          F/V 
N854SD   Gulfstream 4      JMTX Aviation             ...
9H-VTB   BD.700-5000       VistaJet                  VJT726U dep 0729
9H-VCB   BD.100            VistaJet                  VJT412K dep 1333

The Gulfstream 650 is the 1st of the 'G650ER' variant to visit.
Norwegian's new 787 arrived from Charleston this afternoon and shortly afterwards was towed into Hangar 6 to have tail decals applied. 
Yesterday's Vueling flight from Barcelona was badly delayed, eventually arriving after midnight - presumably due to the strike by French Air Traffic Controllers.  Today's Vueling service was operated by the Avion Express A320 - one of three currently leased by them from the Lithuanian carrier.  

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