Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Wednesday 1st April 
D-AIRD   A321            Lufthansa                 op GWI62E/37L
EI-DAA   A330            Aer Lingus                EIN125
EI-DEO   A320            Aer Lingus                EIN362/36T
EI-DSK   A320            Alitalia                  AZA8920 arr 1655    F/V
G-CDKA   Saab 2000       Eastern Airways           EZE9057/8
N225AX   B767            Omni Air                  ...
N13110   B757            United Airlines           ...
OH-LKE   EMB-190         Finnair                   FIN1XT/7ET          F/V
TC-FBH   A320            Freebird Airlines         FHY601/2

CS-DXN   Citation 560XL  Net Jets                  NJE990A/903H (1308/1430)
CS-PHA   EMB-505         Net Jets                  NJE915L dep 1609
EI-WXP   Hawker 800XP    Westair                   EFF008 (1425/1655)
G-IOMC   Premier 1       RB209 IOM Ltd.            BOO071 dep 0908
G-PCOP   Beech 200       Albert Bartlett & Sons    GMA390 dep 1842
M-ABEU   Learjet 45      Ryanair                   RYR2 (0718/1733)
M-ABGV   Learjet 45      Ryanair                   RYR1 arr 2245
OE-FHA   Citation 510    Globe Air                 GAC060P arr 1455
OK-JNT   EMB-135BJ       ABS Jets                  ABP753/751 (0600/0805)

The Alitalia A320 arrived from Rome in Air Berlin colours prior to delivery to the German carrier.  United's 757 went 'tech' on Monday and is currently under repair in the hangars.  Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEO returned off lease to Virgin Atlantic last Saturday and it re-entered service today.  Also back in service today is A330 EI-DAA following it's winter lease to Novair.

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