Monday, April 6, 2015


Monday 6th April
EC-LAV   B737-4          Alba Star                 LAV8404/3    
EI-EWR   A330            Aer Lingus                EIN2504 dep 1208
EI-FIG   B737-8          Ryanair                   RYR14YJ dep 0740
HB-JHK   A330-3          Swiss                     SWR42H/44M          F/V
OH-LKP   EMB-190         Finnair                   FIN1XT/7ET          F/V
TF-ISK   B757            Icelandair                ICE1510 eta 1940                                
D-CXLS   Citation 560XLS Air Hamburg               AHO122B dep 0807
EI-WFI   Challenger 605  Westair                   EFF010 (1255/1340)
N214BM   Gulfstream 4    214BM LLC                 SIS214G arr 1628    F/V
LZ-TIM   BAe146          Bulgaria Air              ...
YU-BZZ   Citation 550    Airpink                   dep 1730                     

Ryanair's newly delivered 737 entered service on flight FR5772 to Glasgow. Swiss used an A330 for the first time on the Zurich route. 
After painting in full Aer Lingus colours A330 EI-EWR departed to Bordeaux for cabin outfitting and is expected to re-enter service later this month. 

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