Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Wednesday 27th August
C-FTJH    B737-8          Sunwing Airlines       TOM63C/3EP;8TG
N177UA    B747-4          United Airlines        UAL1804 arr 1108      F/V
N641GT    B767            Atlas Air              GTI8486/8982          F/V
OY-CIR    ATR-42          Danish Air Transport   DTR926 dep 1616
OY-JRY    ATR-42          Danish Air Transport   DTR925/STK86DR

EI-WFI    Challenger 605  Westair                EFF010 dep 0945
EI-WXP    Hawker 800XP    Westair                ...
G-MEGN    Beech 200       Dragonfly Aviation     ...
M-ABEU    Learjet 45      Ryanair                RYR1 dep 1450
N163PA    Gulfstream 3    N163PA LLC             arr 1655 dep 1755
N310TK    Gulfstream 550  Alltech                arr 1505
N508QS    Gulfstream 5    NJI Sales              ...
N800KS    B737-7          AEJ Services           ...
OY-GKJ    Falcon 2000     Air Alsie              MMD1341
SE-RIK    Citation 550    Grafair                arr 1220

The United 747 arrived from Harrisburg,PA with the Penn State team for Saturday's US College Football game at Croke Park while the University of Central Florida's team arrived from Orlando on the Atlas 767. 
Danish Air  Transport ATR42 OY-JRY arrived from Copenhagen to replace sistership OY-CIR on the lease to Stobart Air.

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