Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Tuesday 5th August
C-FEAK    B737-8          Sunwing Airlines       TOM37M;5AD/1WP;8VE
C-FMWV    B767            Air Canada Rouge       ROU1998/9
C-FMWY    B767            Air Canada Rouge       ROU1908/9
EC-LYR    B737-8          Air Europa             AEA293/4
N17133    B757            United Airlines        UAL22 arr 1228
OO-VLO    FK-50           VLM                    VLM599P/9599

C-GSEC    Falcon 2000     Skyservice             arr 1950
N99KW     Challenger 605  Florida Wings Inc      ... 
N595A     Gulfstream 550  Aramco                 ...
N923SG    BD.700          Bank of Utah Trustee   dep 1258
PH-ARO    EMB-135BJ       ASL                    ...                   F/V

The United 757 returned with a medical emergency almost three hours after departure and had to overnight due to the crew going out of hours. 
Air Canada Rouge operated two services from/to Toronto as yesterday's flight had been cancelled. 

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