Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Wednesday 6th August
C-FEAK    B737-8          Sunwing Airlines       TOM2TE;63C/3EP
D-AEAM    A300F           EAT Leipzig            BCS2403
D-AEAO    A300F           EAT Leipzig            BCS833;2883
G-YMMO    B777            British Airways        BAW179 arr 2345       F/V
N273AY    A330            US Airways             AWE722/3              F/V
N799TB    A320            WFBN Trustee           (ex 6V-AIH)           F/N
N17133    B757            United Airlines        UAL2064 dep 1412
9A-CTJ    A320            Croatia Airlines       CTN3500/1

C-GSEC    Falcon 2000     Skyservice             ...
D-CJET    Citation 525B   Air Hamburg            arr 1910
D-IVIP    Beech 200       Star Wings             STQ99A
G-FRYL    Premier 1       Bookajet               BOO579 arr 0930
M-ABEU    Learjet 45      Ryanair                RYR1
N99KW     Challenger 605  Florida Wings Inc      ... 
N516GH    Gulfstream 5    MDL Consulting Assoc.  arr 2130
N595A     Gulfstream 550  Aramco                 ...
N919YC    Gulfstream 5    DTC LLC                arr 0740              F/V
N936MP    Gulfstream 450  936MP LLC              arr 2140              F/V
PH-ARO    EMB-135BJ       ASL                    dep 1637

BA's 777 diverted in with a medical emergency while operating the late evening service from Heathrow to JFK.  The United 757 departed for Newark a day late (it had also returned with a medical emergency yesterday).
Former Senegal A320 6V-AIH has been re-registered N799TB and A300 D-AEAM went into Hangar 3 shortly after arrival for painting in DHL colours.

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