Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Tuesday 11th March
A7-AHA    A320            Qatar Airways          QTR3254 dep 0647
A7-BBB    B777            Qatar Airways          QTR3255 arr 0644       F/V
CS-TLZ    B767F           TMA Cargo              MMZ128/147             F/V

CS-DXC    Citation 560XL  Net Jets               NJE068N arr 1932
CS-DXW    Citation 560XL  Net Jets               dep 0800
D-CFMI    EMB-505         GEMUe GmbH             arr 1157 dep 1523       
G-ITSU    EMB-500         Flairjet               FLJ134P/134 (1150/1300)
G-LALE    EMB-135BJ       London Executive       LNX81GL dep 1007
G-MAOL    Agusta 109SP    Mash Aviation          arr 2355
G-MOSJ    Beech C90GTi    Moss Aviation          ENZ611P (1255/1313)
G-WIRG    EMB-135BJ       Air Charter Scotland   ...
HB-VHV    BAe125          Cat Aviation           arr 0845
N746E     BD.100          Eaton Leasing          ...
N9771C    Challenger 601  CIT Group              arr 1042
OY-JJB    Dornier 328 Jet Sun-Air Scandinavia    SUS443A (0852/1010)
9H-VJA    BD.700-6000     VistaJet               ...

In what was probably a first for Dublin, there were two Qatar Airways aircraft present at the same time - both visitors for painting by Eirtech.
The 767F is operated by Euroatlantic in TMA's very attractive colours. 

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