Friday, March 7, 2014


Friday 7th March
EI-DCL    B737-8          Ryanair                RYR317B/241N
G-GDFH    B737-3          Jet2                   EXS6088/108C          F/V
G-TAWK    B737-8          Thomson Airways        TOM8GW/50J
OO-JAV    B737-8          Jetairfly              JAF9501/9502          F/V
SP-EQK    DHC-8-402       Eurolot                ELO7818 dep 1634
TC-JHV    B737-8          Turkish Airlines       THY13R/6JX            F/V
YR-FKA    Fokker 100      Carpatair              KRP2378

Air Force/Govt.
EK-RA01   A319            Armenian Govt.         ARR4001 dep 0019
CE-01     EMB-135         Belgian Air Force      BAF610  dep 1549
15+01     A319            German Air Force       GAF841  dep 1826
678       Gulfstream 5    Hellenic Air Force     HAF352B dep 1602
MM62245   Falcon 900EX    Italian Air Force      IAM3120 dep 1703
Z3-MKD    Learjet 60      Republic of Macedonia  Z3-MKD  dep 1500
SP-LIG    EMB-175         Polish Air Force       LOT7006 dep 1255
T.18-1    Falcon 900      Spanish Air Force      AME4551 d1532 a1544 d1844
T.18-2    Falcon 900      Spanish Air Force      AME4563 arr 1858 dep 2035

D-AAAX    Challenger 604  Air Independence       ...
D-CZZZ    Citation 560XL  DC Aviation            DCS707 arr 1716
E7-FRA    Citation 550    Azaz d.o.o.            dep 1201
G-CIEL    Citation 560XL  London Executive       LNX84CE arr 1240
G-EYUP    Citation 560XL  Harrock Aviation       dep 1043
G-IMED    Citation 550    Xclusive Jet Charter   ...
G-ITSU    EMB-500         Flairjet               FLJ133 (1138/1340)
G-MCAN    Agusta 109S     Castle Air             a0945d1023 a1630d1700 F/V
G-MOSJ    Beech C90GTi    Moss Aviation          ENZ606/606P
G-RHMS    EMB-135BJ       TAG Aviation           dep 0923
G-SDRY    Citation 525C   Dowdeswell Aviation    arr 1631
G-SONE    Citation 525A   Centreline Air Charter CLF372 (d0918 a2002 d2100)
LX-JFS    PC-12/47E       Jetfly                 dep 0857
LX-INS    Citation 560XL  Luxaviation            arr 1000
LX-MOI    EMB-135BJ       Luxaviation            LXA90 dep 1852
M-GSIX    Gulfstream 650  D.O'Brien              arr 0010 dep 1507
M-LJGI    Falcon 7X       L.Goodman              dep 1108 arr 1840
N7RX      Gulfstream 450  IMS Health Transport   dep 1800  
N310TK    Gulfstream 550  Alltech                dep 1140
N492QS    Gulfstream 4    NJI                    arr 0210
N8762M    BD.700-6000     Wilmington Trust Co    dep 0955
OE-GVP    Learjet 60      Vista Jet              dep 0947
YR-TII    IAI.1126        Tiriac Air             dep 1350

Another bumper day for bizjets - but most of them had gone by early evening.
Spanish Air Force Falcon 900 (T.18-1) with the Prime Minister aboard had to return with an engine problem immediately after take off and a replacement aircraft (T.18-2) arrived a few hours later to collect the VIPs.  
Ryanair 737 EI-DCL made its first visit to Dublin since it was painted in a revised Boeing scheme at Maastricht recently.  

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