Thursday, March 6, 2014


Thursday 6th March
EI-FDP    A321            HiFly                  air test (1717/1806)
G-EUXI    A321            British Airways        BAW91W/83D            F/V
G-TAWK    B737-8          Thomson Airways        TOM602/3
OE-ICK    A321            AWAS                   r/o all white
OY-JTE    B737-3          Jettime                op SAS4603/4
SP-EQK    DHC-8-402       Eurolot                ELO7817 arr 1127      F/V

EK-RA01   A319            Armenian Govt.         ARR4001 arr 1300      F/V
CE-01     EMB-135         Belgian Air Force      BAF610 arr 1935
15+01     A319            German Air Force       GAF841 arr 1910
678       Gulfstream 5    Hellenic Air Force     HAF352B arr 1850
MM62245   Falcon 900EX    Italian Air Force      IAM3120 arr 1523
SP-LIG    EMB-175         Polish Air Force       LOT7005 arr 1920      F/V
T.18-1    Falcon 900      Spanish Air Force      AME4551 arr 1847
CS-DXL    Citation 560XL  Net Jets               dep 1310
CS-DXY    Citation 560XL  Net Jets               NJE304U/127F (1157/1250)
D-AAAX    Challenger 604  Air Independence       arr 2145              F/V
E7-FRA    Citation 550    Avaz d.o.o.            arr 1140              F/V
G-FBJL    Falcon 2000     TAG Aviation           dep 1110
G-IMED    Citation 550    Xclusive Jet Charter   ...
LX-INS    Citation 560XL  Luxaviation            LXA10 dep 0850
LX-JFS    PC-12/47E       Jetfly                 arr 1559              F/V
LX-MOI    EMB-135BJ       Luxaviation            ...
M-ABEU    Learjet 45      Ryanair                RYR1 (1821/1922)
M-ABGG    Challenger 604  Zarox Holdings         arr 0350 dep 0540     F/V
M-FRZN    Challenger 605  Iceland Foods          arr 0945 dep 1622
M-LJGI    Falcon 7X       L.Goodman              dep 0805 arr 1750
N7RX      Gulfstream 450  IMS Health Transport   EJM73 arr 2042    
N310TK    Gulfstream 550  Alltech                arr 1701
N518QS    Gulfstream 550  NJI                    dep 1700
N8762M    BD.700-6000     Wilmington Trust Co    ...
OE-GVP    Learjet 60      Vista Jet              arr 0800
OY-GKJ    Falcon 2000EX   Air Alsie              MMD6960 (1418/2126)
YR-TII    IAI.1126        Tiriac Air             TIH121 arr 1941       F/V
Z3-MKD    Learjet 60      Macedonian Govt.       arr 1400

The large number of Government/Air Force aircraft visited with VIPs for the European Peoples Party Congress being held in Dublin's Convention Centre. Notable among them was Citation E7-FRA, which is the first aircraft with a Bosnia-Herzegovina registration to visit an Irish Airport.  The Armenian A319 has previously visited - but in its former guise as G-OMAK of Twinjet.
HiFly's A321 EI-FDP departed on a test flight with its Belgian Air Force titles blanked out.  The all white A321 was rolled out from Hangar 5 with the Austrian registration re-applied - it had been noted wearing Greek reg SX-DGP a few days ago.  

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