Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Tuesday 19th November
A6-DLM    A320             Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight  AUH07     arr 1845
CS-TEX    A330             HiFly                   HFY001P
G-FDZE    B737-8           Thomson Airways         ...
N655UA    B767             United Airlines         UAL949   (1607/1714)
TC-OAL    A321             Onur Air                OHY9005
VP-BQK    A319             Donavia                 air test (1427/1538)

C-GWLL    Challenger 604   IMP Group                         dep 1933
CS-DXF    Citation 560XL   Net Jets                NJE626U   arr 1630
D-CEFD    Citation 525B    Eisele Flug Charter     EFD333    arr 1613
D-CGRC    Learjet 35A      Jet Executive Int'l     JEI323    dep 1615
EI-REX    Learjet 60       Private Sky             HYR60A    dep 1718
G-FIRM    Citation 550     Marshalls Executive     FLJ898   (1010/1130) 
G-IMED    Citation 550     Xclusive Jet Charter    XJC991    arr 1805
G-JOTA    Beech B90        JOTA Aircraft Leasing             dep 0010
HB-JSM    Falcon 7X        Jet Aviation            ...
M-GSIX    Gulfstream 650   D.O'Brien               ...
M-KELY    EMB-500          Kelly Air                         arr 1405
N425QS    Gulfstream 450   NJI Sales                         arr 2225
N455QS    Gulfstream 450   NJI Sales               ...
N470QS    Gulfstream 450   NJI Sales                         dep 0940
N607CV    Gulfstream 550   Tyco Healthcare                   arr 1726
TC-ATA    Gulfstream 4     Turkish Government      TRK9     (1000/1110)

The United 767 was on a medical diversion whilst routing from London Heathrow to Chicago O'Hare. It had also visited Dublin on a diversion as far back as October 1997.  The Donavia A319 went up for a test flight so is probably due for delivery in the next few days.  HiFly's A310 arrived to operate a troop charter to Beirut tomorrow - and it's no stranger to Dublin either - having visited on 08/04/91 when with Air Portugal.      

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