Sunday, November 10, 2013


It's been a week since I signed up for MOVEMBER and I'm very happy to report that to date a total of €425 has been donated to the cause.
So, if you'd like to help the Irish Cancer Society then please donate whatever you can afford via:- MOVEMBER_2013 

Sunday 10th November
A7-BAB    B777-3           Qatar Airways           QTR3250 dep 0905
G-EMBN    EMB-145          BMI Regional            BMR8253
G-TAWK    B737-8           Thomson Airways         TOM5XV             F/V
G-TAWM    B737-8           Thomson Airways         TOM60X
N625FE    MD-11F           Federal Express         FDX5220            F/V
OY-JTD    B737-3           Jettime                 SAS535/6

C-GLNL    Learjet 35A      Latitude Air Ambulance  dep 2150
D-CNNN    Citation 560XLS  DC Aviation             ...
D-CXLS    Citation 560XLS  Air Hamburg             ...
G-BVMA    Beech 200        Dragonfly Aviation      dep 1040
G-CBRG    Citation 560XL   Eurojet Aviation        GOJ110A dep 0253
G-CHUI    Citation 560XLS  Eurojet Aviation        GOJ610B dep 1020
G-IMED    Citation 550     Xclusive Jet            ...
G-JOTB    Beech 90         Jota Leasing            ENZ8TB dep 1125
G-SYNA    EMB-135BJ        London Executive        LNX99YA dep 1003   F/V
M-GSIX    Gulfstream 650   D.O'Brien               arr 1100 dep 1144
M-SPOR    Beech 200        Select Plant Hire Co.   dep 1010
OE-INM    Challenger 605   Vista Jet               VJS747 arr 1035    F/V

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