Sunday, November 3, 2013


Hello readers,

I began compiling this blog almost 3 years ago and I'm delighted that it has proved to be so popular with so many aviation enthusiasts in Ireland and worldwide - even though it can be quite a chore sometimes!
My aim was to provide a reliable online source for Dublin Movements and I think I have achieved that.
On average the blog gets around 700 page views per day and so far the total has exceeded 450,000 hits.

So, I'm looking for a little payback for my efforts and have enlisted for Movember!
I'd be very grateful for any donations via this link:- Movember 2013
All proceeds go directly to the Irish Cancer Society in the cause of fighting mens' cancers.


Sunday 3rd November
G-TAWM    B737-8           Thomson Airways         TOM60X/5XV
TC-OBK    A321             Onur Air                OHY7747/8
TF-FIZ    B757             Icelandair              ICE1510/1
TS-ION    B737-6           Tunis Air               TAR8490/1

CS-DKH    Gulfstream 550   Net Jets                NJE482C dep 1325
CS-DTL    Learjet 45       Masterjet               dep 1933
D-CEFO    Citation 560XL   Air Hamburg             AHO537H dep 1458
D-CGEP    IAI.1125         Windrose Air            QGA831P
G-CBRG    Citation 560XL   Eurojet Aviation        GOJ103A
G-CHUI    Citation 560XLS  Eurojet Aviation        GOJ603C/603B
G-LALE    EMB-135BJ        London Executive        dep 1941
N711LS    BD.700-6000      WFBN Trustee            arr 2243
N794MH    Gulfstream 4     Cinema Exec.Transport   arr 2010

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