Friday, April 13, 2018


Friday, 13th April

A6-MRS   B737-8E0 BBJ2     Dubai Air Wing          DUB7               arr 1554
C-FALI   BD.100            Irving Oil Transport    KCE3               dep 0943
C-FJIC   Citation 750      PAL Aerospace           SPR600                    
EI-GJN   B737-8            Ryanair                 RYR14FN/173    (in service)
EI-SID   A320 Neo          SAS Ireland             SAS537/538              F/V
ES-LSD   Saab 340F         Airest                  AEG302/303                
HK-5068  Falcon 2000S      Helistar S.A.S.         HK-5068            dep 1055
N498YY   Citation 525      TVPX ARS Trustee        N498YY                    
N3788B   Gulfstream 550    Blackrock Financial     N3788B                    
OE-IFW   A330              SMBC Aviation Capital   OE-IFW         arr 2016 F/V
T7-PBL   PC-12/47          Fly 7 Executive Avn.    T7-PBL                  F/V
9H-VCB   BD.100            VistaJet                VJT453                     
9H-VCJ   BD.100            VistaJet                VJT492                    

SMBC's A330 arrived from Lourdes (in full Vim Avia colours) and after repainting all white it's due to be used by Aer Lingus as a stand-by aircraft for the peak summer season.  This A330 was previously registered OE-IFA and was painted here in September 2016 for Vim Avia as VP-BDV.

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