Thursday, April 12, 2018


Thursday, 12th April

D-BURO   BD.100            Aero Dienst             ADN41L                  F/V
EI-GJN   B737-8            Ryanair                 RYR800N      (delivery) F/V
ET-AVO   B737-7            Ethiopian Airlines      ETH9201       0430/1830 F/V
F-HEPG   A320              Air France              AFR181E/35MP              
HK-5068  Falcon 2000S      Helistar S.A.S.         ......                    
N800HH   Gulfstream 4      Hogs Head Air I LLC     N800HH                  F/V
16+01    A340              German Air Force        GAF901            0750/1230

The Ethiopian 737 arrived from Indianapolis on a ferry flight to Africa.  It's still in basic Sun Country colours (ex N714SY) although the titles had been blanked out and after crew rest it departed this evening. Ryanair's latest 737 arrived on delivery direct from Boeing Field. 

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