Thursday, July 20, 2017


Thursday, July 20th
G-BTNC   AS.365N           Multiflight           ...                       F/V
N99ZM    BD.700            Moelis & Company      N99ZM            arr 2030 F/V
N535JF   Citation 525A     ...                   N535JF           arr 1437 F/V
ZS-NTE   Douglas DC-3      "Aer Lingus"          EIN1940/ZS-NTE   arr 1140 F/V
C.15-18  EF-18M            Spanish Air Force     AME1513          arr 1227 F/V
C.15-64  EF-18M            Spanish Air Force     AME1511          arr 1228 F/V
T.21-10  Casa 295M         Spanish Air Force     AME3588/358A    1130/1402 F/V

The star movement of the year is undoubtedly the DC-3 which arrived this morning from Shannon (via a touch & go at Birr Airfield). 
After a greeting reception in Hangar 6 it departed on a short local flight with some very lucky Aer Lingus personnel. It is due to partake in both the Foynes & Bray Airshows this weekend.  The two Spanish F18s also arrived for the Bray Airshow along with their ground crew aboard the Casa 295.

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