Monday, May 1, 2017



C-FFPH   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines        SWG9964           arr  1939
C-GHPN   B767              Air Canada Rouge        ROU1908/1909             
C-GMWJ   B737-7            Westjet                 WJA16/17                 
D-ABGH   A319              Eurowings               EWG43Z/7WM    F/V         
D-AIUZ   A320              Lufthansa               DLH3XN/8FL    F/V          
G-POWM   A320              Titan Airways           EIN482/483/238/249/001P
OE-LNZ   A321              Niki                    NLY1RY/2073   F/V         
TF-ISZ   B757              Icelandair              ICE1510/1511              
UR-PSV   B737-8            Ukraine International   MLD831/832        0006/0117

CS-CHC   BD.100            NetJets Europe          NJE827R/640L      1112/2111
CS-DFG   Falcon 2000EX     NetJets Europe          NJE626M/200U      1649/1955
D-CBBB   Citation 560XL    DC Aviation             ...               .... ....
D-IAAA   PA-60 Aerostar    .........               D-IAAA            dep  1058
G-CHUI   Citation 560XL    Air Charter Scotland    EDC432L           1905/2005
HB-IGU   Falcon 2000EX     CAT Aviation            CAZ401            dep  1814
LX-PMA   BD.100            Luxaviation             LXA2B             dep  0120
M-YSIX   Gulfstream 650ER  D.O'Brien               M-YSIX            arr  1226
9H-AVE   Falcon 50EX       Leader Srl              LSA501            dep  1001

The Canadians are coming!  Westjet resumed their daily 737 service from St.Johns this morning.  Air Canada have increased their Toronto service to a daily operation.  Sunwing's 737 arrived this evening from Toronto to operate on behalf of TUI for the summer season.  Lufthansa's new A320 made it's first visit this morning (from/to Munich).  The Piper Aerostar made the short hop across to Weston to refuel as Avgas is unavailable at Dublin.

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