Saturday, December 10, 2016


                           Saturday 10th December         
A7-BAN   B777-3            Qatar Airways           QTR3251       F/V arr  0653
D-AINB   A320 neo          Lufthansa               DLH7PM/981    F/V         
G-TAWC   B737-8            Thomson Airways         TOM9VT/40A             
HL8087   B737-8            JeJu Air                JJA87D            dep  1110

C-FRJZ   IAI.1125 Astra    Latitude Air Ambulance  C-FRJZ            dep  0740
CS-DKH   Gulfstream 550    Net Jets Europe         NJE139G/925H    d0904 a1818
D-CHRD   Citation 680      Hahn Air                HHN666            dep  1131
D-CZZZ   Citation 560XL    DC Aviation             ...               .... ....
D-IAAY   EMB-500           Arcus Air               AZE37F/37P        1720/1917
F-GKOM   Falcon 900        Dassault Aviation       DSO09FX           dep  1103
G-BVMA   Beech 200         Dragonfly Aviation      CBM99             dep  1533
G-ZEUZ   Citation 525A     Centreline Air Charter  CLF30             arr  1900
N3AS     Learjet 45        Shamrock Foods Company  N3AS              dep  0916
N300MY   BD.100            WFBN NA Trustee         N300MY        F/V arr  1325
N421QS   Gulfstream 450    NJI Sales               N421QS            dep  1017
9H-VJL   BD.700            VistaJet                ...               .... ....

Lufthansa used an A320neo on the afternoon service from Frankfurt. This is the first time the newest variant of the A320 has visited and so far Lufthansa have five of them in service.  SAS also took delivery of their first A320neo on Friday so hopefully they'll be a common sight soon.  JeJu's 'new' 737 departed to Baku on the first leg of it's delivery flight to Korea.  The Qatari 777 arrived this morning for a re-paint  

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