Sunday, December 4, 2016


                           Sunday 4th December         
EI-FTI   B737-8            Ryanair                 RYR19NW/673    (in service)
N658UA   B767              United Airlines         UAL23/22                   

CS-CHA   BD.100            Net Jets Europe         NJE437T           1035/1847
CS-CHC   BD.100            Net Jets Europe         NJE003E           dep  0844
CS-DFG   Falcon 2000EX     Net Jets Europe         NJE580C           dep  1645
D-CNNN   Citation 560XL    DC Aviation             ...               .... ....
EI-WFI   Challenger 605    Westair                 EFF010            1512/1555
G-IPLY   Citation 550      Xclusive Jet Charter    XJC03Y            arr  1905
G-SPRE   Citation 550      Xclusive Jet Charter    XJC2              1100/1620
EI-LSY   Gulfstream 550    Gainjet Ireland         GJI55         F/V 1205/1329
HB-VKW   BAe125            Sky Jet AG              HB-VKW            dep  1810
HI985    Citation 680      Helidosa                HI985         F/V 1342/1504
M-LJGI   Falcon 7X         Ven Air                 M-LJGI            dep  1401
N108CE   Gulfstream 5      TVPX ARS Inc            N108CE            arr  1710
N436QS   Gulfstream 4      NJI Sales               N436QS            dep  1717
SE-DDY   Citation 550      Scandinavian Airleasing SE-DDY            1410/1629

The Citation Sovereign was the first Dominican Republic-registered aircraft to visit Dublin.  It dropped in for fuel while operating an air ambulance flight from Tel Aviv to St.Johns.  Gainjet Ireland's 'new' Gulfstream was making it's first visit also, having only been re-registered last Wednesday.  Finally, Ryanair's 737 entered service on flight FR672 to Birmingham.

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