Monday, November 30, 2015


Monday 30th November
G-SMLA   BAe146            Jota Aviation            op CFE95E/79K
LY-MCA   ATR-72            Danu Oro Transportas     opf Stobart Air          
SP-LNC   EMB-195           LOT                      op LGL4885/6
4X-ELF   B747-412F         El Al                    ELY841          F/V

CS-DXV   Citation 560XL    Net Jets                 NJE642N         arr  1205
D-CDDD   Citation 560XL    DC Aviation              DCS713          dep  0625
EI-LEO   Citation 750      Private Sky              ...             ...  ....
G-BODY   Cessna 310        RVL Aviation             REV73A/B    (Weston div.)
G-KLNW   Citation 510      SaxonAir                 SXN51D          0845/1834
G-LEAZ   BD.100            London Executive         LNX59AZ         0650/0815
G-PJDS   Citation 550      Carnegie Aviation        G-PJDS          0920/1048
G-TWOP   Citation 525A     Centreline Air Charter   CLF249          1925/2008
LX-PAK   BD.700            Global Jet Luxembourg    SVW52AK         1055/1225
N307PS   Falcon 2000LX     307PS LLC                N307PS F/V 1840/1945/2120
N310TK   Gulfstream 550    Alltech                  N310TK          0855/0935
N531QS   Gulfstream 550    NJI Sales                N531QS          dep  1142
N1868M   BD.700            Suntrust Equipment Fin.  N1868M          arr  2040

The El Al Cargo jumbo arrived from Tel Aviv around 0210 and departed to Liege a few hours later.  It's the first of a series of six flights between now and Christmas.  The aircraft itself is no stranger to Dublin having visited many times when it was 9V-SFA of Singapore Airlines.  For the second occasion in recent months Luxair's midday service was operated by a LOT EMB-195.

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