Saturday, November 14, 2015


Saturday 14th
D-AIUL   A320              Lufthansa                DLH1UP          dep  0545
G-FDZA   B737-8            Thomson Airways          TOM1PB
G-POWC   B737-3            Titan Airways            AWC52/405W
HL8049   B737-8AS          Jeju Air                 JJA559D     F/N dep  1338
LY-MCA   ATR-72            Danu Oro Transportas     opf Stobart Air          
LY-SPD   A320              Small Planet Airlines    LLC3693/4                
OM-GTD   B737-4            Go2Sky                   RLX3355/336P
9A-SLA   A320              Limitless Airways        LIM827      F/V arr  1330

CS-DRL   Hawker 800XP      Net Jets                 NJE874A         dep  0805
D-CZZZ   Citation 560XL    DC aviation              DCS707          arr  1810
G-PJDS   Citation 550      Carnegie Aviation        G-PJDS          arr  1820
G-THFC   EMB-135BJ         London Executive         LNX29TC         2040/2203
G-YEDC   Citation 525B     Air Charter Scotland     EDC753          1225/1346
M-GSIX   Gulfstream 650    D.O'Brien                ...             ...  ....
M-YSIX   Gulfstream 650ER  D.O'Brien                M-YSIX      F/V arr  1037
N277GM   Gulfstream 4      Whirlpool Corp           JNY277          dep  0817
OY-CKN   Falcon 2000       Air Alsie                ...             ...  ....
9H-FAM   EMB-500           Luxwing                  ...             ...  ....
9H-OME   B737-5            Air X Charter            9H-OME          arr  2115

Brand new Gulfstream 650ER M-YSIX arrived this morning on delivery to Denis O'Brien.  It was ferried from Savannah to the Isle of Man late last night. 

Meanwhile, ex Ryanair 737 EI-DYH departed on the first leg of it's long delivery/ferry flight to Jeju Air in Korea.

Several football charters arrived back from Sarajevo following the match last night (Ireland drew 1-1 with Bosnia-Herz.). The most interesting of these being new operator Limitless Airways using an ex China Eastern A320. 

Lufthansa's A320 departed on the early morning service to Frankfurt having been parked for a few days due to the strike by airline's employees.

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