Saturday, June 13, 2015


Saturday 13th June
C-FEAK   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines          TOM5YQ/87E
C-FFPH   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines          TOM2LM;37V
EI-FIN   B737-8            Ryanair                   RYR800N  arr 1452 F/V 
EI-FIO   B737-8            Ryanair                   RYR800P  arr 1519 F/V
ET-ASH   B787              Ethiopian Airlines        ETH502
ET-ASK   B777              Ethiopian Airlines        ETH500
G-MAJT   Jetstream 41      Eastern Airways           EZE581P/9581     
LX-LGV   B737-8            Luxair                    LGL2284/2283
OK-PET   A319              CSA Czech Airlines        CSA1071           F/V
OM-GTA   B737-4            Go2Sky                    MSA3663/4
PH-TFA   B737-8            Arke                      TVF3860/1         F/V 
SE-DSV   BAe146            Malmo Aviation            SCW961
SP-TVZ   B737-8            Travel Service            TVS2178/9

D-CNNN   Citation 560XL    DC Aviation               ...          ...
EI-MIK   EC.120B           Executive Helicopters     EI-MIK       dep 1305
G-BODY   Cessna 310        RVL Aviation              REV3DY       (1127/1251)
G-KALS   BD.100            Air Charter Scotland      EDC259       (1224/1945)
G-NOSE   Cessna 402B       RVL Aviation              REV74A/74B   dep 1249
HB-JSG   Challenger 605    Scintilla AG              HB-JSG       arr 1124
HB-JGT   Challenger 605    Scintilla AG              ...          ...
N100QS   BD.700-5000       NJI Sales                 N100QS       arr 1228
N268VT   Gulfstream 4      Redhills Ventures LLC     N268VT       arr 0725
N324FP   Gulfstream 4      WTCT                      N324FP       arr 1645
N569RS   Challenger 605    JW Wright Trustee         ...          ...
N585A    Gulfstream 550    Aramco                    ...          ...
N604AV   Challenger 604    Aero Ventures 5 LLC       ...          ...
N814RR   Gulfstream 4      Topanga Aviation          N814RR   arr 1655 F/V

A good day for 737s!  Two more Ryanair machines arrived on delivery this afternoon while Dutch carrier Arke substituted for Transavia France on the Paris Orly service.  Sunwing switched over their 737s at Palma and C-FEAK made it's first visit of the season - it wears the company's new livery.
The Czech A319 arrived from Prague to operate a charter to Cagliari in the early morning.  

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