Saturday, June 6, 2015


Saturday 6th June
C-FFPH   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines          TOM2LM;37V/5YQ;87E
EI-FIM   B737-8            Ryanair                   RYR10        dep 1016
ET-APX   B777-3            Ethiopian Airlines        ETH500            F/V
ET-ASI   B787              Ethiopian Airlines        ETH502            
G-CELK   B737-3            Jet2                      EXS051B      (1235/1525)
G-TTOE   A320              British Airways           BAW830/829        F/V
LX-LGV   B737-8            Luxair                    LGL2284/2283
PH-HZX   B737-8            Transavia                 TRA8910/1
OM-GTA   B737-4            Go2Sky                    MSA3663/4
SP-TVZ   B737-8            Travel Service            TVS2178/9

CS-DXF   Citation 560XL    Net Jets                  NJE259Q      dep 0950
CS-DXZ   Citation 560XL    Net Jets                  NJE040K/518U (1325/1510)
D-BEKP   BD.100            Windrose Air              QGA838H/768H (0830/0955)
                                                     QGA769H      arr 2015   
G-GMED   PA-42 Cheyenne    Air Medical               MCD054       (1750/1849)
M-CELT   Falcon 7X         D.Desmond                 M-CELT       (1600/1647)
N604AV   Challenger 604    Aero Ventures 5 LLC       ...          ...
SX-ATF   B737-4            Gainjet                   GNJ74    F/V arr 1610
9H-VCB   BD.100            VistaJet                  VJT412K      dep 0805

Gainjet's 737 arrived from Birmingham carrying the English team for the match with Ireland at Lansdowne Road tomorrow.  The Jet2 737 went for an air test and routed north to Stornoway before returning around 3 hours later. Ryanair's new 737 positioned out to Marseille this morning, so if you missed it arriving yesterday you might be waiting for a while to see it. 
Luxair operated a charter from/to Faro and this will probably be a weekly service for the peak summer season.

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