Saturday, January 31, 2015


Saturday 31st January
F-HBXF    EMB-170          HOP!                   AFR1616/7           F/V
G-CELV    B737-3           Jet2                   EXS2103/4
G-LGND    Saab 340B        Loganair               LOG91TY/79GU
G-TAWU    B737-8           Thomson Airways        TOM1626/7;3MH

CS-DHO    Citation 550     Net Jets               ...
CS-DTR    Falcon 2000      Masterjet              LMJ151 (0915/1145)  F/V
D-CAAA    Citation 560XLS  DC Aviation            ...
F-GETJ    Beech E90        Open Flight SARL       OFL3101 (1235/1553)
OK-SUN    EMB-135BJ        ABS Jets               ABP721 (0953/1110)
OY-EVO    Citation 550     FXT Flexflight         ...
9H-VCA    BD.100           VistaJet               dep 1233

Loganair operated for the final time on the Donegal service this afternoon and Stobart Air will take over the twice-daily PSO route from tomorrow.

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