Thursday, January 22, 2015


Thursday 22nd January
G-CERY    Saab 2000        Eastern Airways        EZE9057/8;9051/2
G-EUUC    A320             British Airways        BAW838/83D           F/V
N744AX    B767F            ABX Air                SRR6528/9               

D-BEKY    Falcon 2000EX    BASF AG                dep 1725
D-CAAA    Citation 560XL   DC Aviation            DCS701 arr 2010
D-IDAK    Beech C90        Transavia Luftfahrt    arr 0950 dep 1432    F/V
G-EGLT    Cessna 310       RVL Aviation           REV73A/B
G-GMED    PA-42 Cheyenne   Air Medical            MCD019 (1023/1235)
G-OJER    Citation 560XL   Aviation Beauport      AVB823 arr 1708
LX-AVT    BD.100           Luxaviation            LXA10K dep 1310
M-GSIX    Gulfstream 650   D.O'Brien              arr 1722
M-HARP    PC-12/47E        Harpin Ltd             arr 1149 dep 1425
M-JMIA    Challenger 604   JMIA(605)A/c Leasing   dep 1204
N45WL     Challenger 601   Willis Lease Finance   dep 1434
N175BL    Gulfstream 450   Liberty Mutual Ins.    arr 0112
N3746     Challenger 604   Bank of Utah Trustee   dep 1343
PH-JCI    Premier 1        EXXAero                XRO234 dep 1210

The first visit of the BAW A320 means that their entire Heathrow-based fleet of A319s & A320s have all now visited Dublin. 
The PC12 and Cessna 310 both diverted from Weston due to foggy conditions.

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