Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Wednesday 10th December
A4O-BQ    B737-8           Oman Air               arr 2232             F/V
D-AIUF    A320             Lufthansa              DLH5CL               F/V
F-GZTD    B737-7           Europe Airpost         ABR194D arr 1203
G-JMCL    B737F            Atlantic Airlines      NPT207H/208H/209H/210H
G-TCDA    A321             Thomas Cook            TCX32M dep 1921
TC-FBJ    A320             Freebird Airlines      FHY601/2
TC-MCC    A300F            MNG Cargo              SOP5004/5003

CS-DNR    Falcon 2000      Net Jets               dep 0935
CS-DXL    Citation 560XL   Net Jets               NJE471M/155Y(1055/1319)
CS-DXM    Citation 560XL   Net Jets               NJE585T/341K (1715/1951)
D-IMME    Citation 551     ABC Nordflug           arr 1050 dep 1630
EI-ICR    Sikorsky 92A     Irish Coast Guard      "Medevac 118" arr 1454
G-LEAB    Citation 510     London Executive       LNX33AB (1538/2340)
G-VIPI    BAe125           Castle Air Services    IFT110 (1322/1515)
M-ABGV    Learjet 45       Ryanair                dep 0558
M-CELT    Falcon 7X        D.Desmond              arr 1310 dep 1815
M-GSIX    Gulfstream 650   D.O'Brien              dep 1238
N742E     BD.100           Eaton Leasing          ...
T7-TTC    PC-12            ...                    arr 1700             F/V
105/XK    TBM-700          French Air Force       ...

Oman Air's 737 arrived from Keflavik for an overnight stop while on it's delivery flight from Boeing Field to Muscat.  The San Marino registered PC12 was also on a delivery flight (it arrived from  Narssarssuaq, Greenland). 


  1. Yesterday did the SAS A340 operate a flight, because it went past Pier A from the north, and when I flew out at 06.30hrs. I am pretty sure it was parked at a gate on the south side of terminal 2

    1. Mark,

      the SAS A340 went into the paint hangar shortly after arrival - so I don't know what you saw on T2.